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McKay's Taphouse and Pizzerria: So Much More Than Pizza & Beer

McKay’s Taphouse and Pizzeria is an inclusive family restaurant in Bellingham’s historic Sehome neighborhood. It is a locally owned business with a commitment to supporting the community by sponsoring monthly fundraising activities for Bellingham non-profit agencies. Philanthropy is not a marketing gimmick, but part of restauranteur Dave McKay’s philosophy of being an active participant of the community he lives and works in.

Neighbors from across Bellingham make this restaurant one of the city’s most popular, in part, because of McKay’s unerring commitment to hospitality. He has established a venue where parents feel welcome to bring their kids when they are learning how to dine out, and when pre-teens are being rambunctious and teenagers are being surly. The younger set find easy entertainment with the arcade games, and large screen televisions, in addition to some great pizza.

The restaurant features 50 different beers on tap, which makes it a popular evening and weekend destination for college students and televised sports enthusiasts can relax with cold beer and hot pizzas fresh from the oven. Gamers gather on Wednesday nights to test their trivia wit, and music fans rouse to live music on Thursday nights. McKay’s Taphouse & Pizzeria is the neighborhood living room occupied by guests who value a laid back, come-as-you-are environment.

Cicerone will appreciate that long-time bartenders Matt and Ben, will readily help you select the beer that tantalizes your taste buds. Try a flight of Bourbon Barrel Aged Stout 2014 through 2017. The best beer flight experience around! Not a fan of super dark beer? Ben and Matt are happy to help you select from ales, hoppy beers, malty, dark, sour and even gluten free beer. Fancy a different adult beverage? No problem, try a glass of small batch hard cider or glass of wine.

For many of us, pizza is absolutely, no doubt about, our favorite food group, right behind Caviar and Champagne. Discerning pizza gastronomes will prize McKay’s scratch-made pizza dough. Proofed slowly in a walk-in cooler, the dough’s natural flavors and texture are allowed to develop. This helps impart an unmistakably yeasty flavor and fine texture to the baked crust. The crust is firm with just the slightest give under the weight of the toppings. It is also light, tender the perfect vehicle for the sauce and delicious toppings.

Scratch-made sauces include traditional Tomato-based Marinara, Cajun, Tomato Garlic, BBQ, Salsa and White Garlic. Meat toppings include a smorgasbord of traditional proteins plus seasoned taco meat, all-turkey Canadian Style Bacon, Buffalo Chicken, and Teriyaki Chicken. I’m a teriyaki fan; I’ll have to try this on my next visit.

On a recent McKay’s pizza feast, our group of ten had combo pizzas so we could try a bit of everything. Meatie Supreme: Canadian style bacon, peperoni, beef, bacon, Italian sausage, and extra cheese with traditional marinara is, arguably, the best committed-carnivore’s pizza in Bellingham. The most unique and curiously crave-worthy pizza is the Jalapeño Popper Supreme with white sauce, fresh jalapenos, roasted garlic, bacon, cream cheese and extra cheese! The pizza that wins the group’s lip-smacking blue ribbon favorite was the Sicilian. A combo piled with Genoa salami, peperoni, black olives, mushrooms, Italian sausage, sun-dried tomatoes and extra cheese.

If you’re looking for a non-judgmental pizza restaurant to relax with the family, hang with friends to watch sports, gather with gamers or enjoy music with your pizza and beer, McKay’s Taphouse and Pizzeria will meet all of your hospitality,gastronomic and entertainment needs.

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