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Infusion Cuisine

Located just south of Lynden, Infusion Cuisine is a tidy little restaurant with exquisitely prepared food that enjoys a loyal following. Guests are greeted at the door and led to waiting tables by co-owner, Yesenia Pulido, while her husband, Executive Chef and co-owner Eduardo Diego, plies his craft in the kitchen. A culinary veteran of 17 years, Eduardo learned his trade while working with his father and uncles in kitchens at resort restaurants in Acapulco, Mexico. From there he went on to cook with esteemed chefs at fine dining establishments in San Diego, California. Since moving to Washington, Eduardo has worked at The Bakery, Three Flavors Kitchens, and Giuseppe’s before opening Infusion Cuisine in Lynden. Infusion has been open for four years.

          Infusion Cuisine offers Eduardo the opportunity to produce fare in the three styles in which he excels: Asian, Italian and Mexican. His eclectic restaurant concept is a fantastic addition to Whatcom County’s culinary scene. Eduardo and his Sous Chef do a wonderful job deftly bridging the technical skills the three culinary traditions require by developing sophisticated unique flavor and textural profiles using fresh local ingredients whenever possible.

          Eduardo’s Spring Rolls are filled with marvelously fresh vegetables, wrapped in a delicate pastry that shatters with a satisfying crunch and melts on the tongue. Also be sure to try the Rolled Chicken Tacos served with fresh guacamole, sour cream and a freshly tossed southwestern style salad. These appetizer portions are large enough to share with a companion, but no one could blame you for keeping them to yourself. Some dishes are just too damn delicious to share!

          The entrees at Infusion Cuisine may well challenge anyone’s reluctance to drive to this destination restaurant. Seldom has Chili Relleno prompted so many contented sighs. A beautiful, cheese-filled, subtly spicy and floral Anaheim pepper in a scrumptious tomato sauce is light, yet just enough to satisfy ravenous omnivores and vegetarians alike.

From the Asian menu, the Chicken Curry is easily the best around. Served on a bed of white rice, this Thai-style dish is a mélange of coconut milk, crisp white onions, gently cooked haricot vert, roasted tomato and eggplant. This dish with a glass of slightly sweet Riesling is the stuff food orgies are made of!

Few can resist Chicken Piccata, and after sampling Eduardo’s rendition of this Italian classic, few other competitors will vie for your attention. Thin, tender chicken breast sautéed in butter and finished with a refreshing lemon sauce is served with linguini in a gentle garlic oil wine sauce and garnished with artichokes and capers. This dish is so perfectly balanced that the delicate lemon flavors and aromas are never overwhelmed by the accompaniments.

          Infusion Cuisine carries an ambiance that is warm, inviting and can be enjoyed by guests of all ages. The dining room walls are a welcoming turquoise blue, with an open design ceiling. Tables are spaced a comfortable distance so diners do not feel as if they are packed like sardines. Finicky eaters in your crowd? Don’t fret; Eduardo has developed a wonderful kids menu, too. Infusion Cuisine is well on its way to become one of Whatcom County’s most popular restaurants.

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